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Oct 21, 2020

As we finish 2020 and gear up emotionally for bigger and better times in 2021, we’ve got a chance to RESET, to lay the groundwork of mindset, habits, and action that will equip us to thrive next year - no matter what is thrown our way.

Matt put this mantra to action at a recent 50 Mile Ultra race and shares the poignant, painful, and powerful life lessons he learned running for over 12 hours in the mountains of central Oregon.

This very simple event acted as a lightening rod and helped with so many other positive habits around flexibility, patience, accountability, and community.

He leaned into the power of sport and it provided much-needed purpose to enable excellence across all aspects of life.

This is the heart of the Performance Reset 2020 - experts and companies sharing their thoughts on the role of sport because, make no mistake, sport is powerful. You might be feeling rudderless. You might be tired of this carnival and the uncertainty. But, we have no doubt you have a performance-driven mindset. You may or may not identify as an athlete, but you can learn and thrive by applying elements of the athletic mindset.

It won’t happen by accident and we want to help.

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