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Dec 11, 2018

This week is a special episode for Purple Patch. It's our 50th episode!

We launched in January 2018. and as we approach the end of the year, we thought it was a good time to take a step back and have a little review.

Today, it's Matt's picks from some of the episodes of the last few months that are anchored and channeled on global life performance and reaching your potential via an athletic mindset.

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Episode Highlights:

Taken from Episode 31 - Fighting Fatigue - Knowing When to Push Through or Back Off

Fatigue is not a negative word. In fact, it's a part of growth and you should lean into it. It is earned from hard work and the adaptions can be positive, but you must make smart decisions in managing your fatigue. In this segment, Matt provides context around “fatigue” - both anticipated vs. unanticipated-and discusses some of those objective and subjective markers of fatigue. 

Taken from Episode 36 - A Championship Mindset

Regardless of your "main event," you will arrive with the physical resources that you have, and you have to set yourself up with the best performance you can have on that day. In this episode, Matt outlines a few categories to help promote a positive mindset and enable you to free your body to do what it is prepared to do. 

Taken from Episode 44- Take a Break, but Don’t be a Post-Season Sloth

Matt addresses the dangers and pitfalls of an "all in" or "all out” attitude and highlights some of the benefits that a short break can have on post-season training. 

Taken from Episode 46 - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Is your coach fit for the job? Is your coach fit for you? The power of a mentor or coach cannot be overstated and to truly maximize the benefits of a professional coach, you, the athlete, must be a major stakeholder to ensure that the relationship is fruitful and beneficial to your performance. Matt describes the characteristics of a great coach or mentor.

Taken from Episode 48 - Assassin of Effectiveness

For most of us, the buy-in for presence and focus in work and sport is there, but the mind is often polluted. Diluting focus and attempting to multitask will NOT increase productivity in work or sport. This clip will empower focus with specific strategies to arm you for success.


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