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Oct 28, 2020

Bob Babbitt is, simply put, the lightning rod of the endurance world.

In 1980, he participated in his first IRONMAN on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii, and has been making history ever since. He'd never call himself an elite athlete and yet, he's a member of the USA Triathlon and IRONMAN Triathlon Halls of Fame. Why? Because he believes that sport is essential for all and changes lives every day.

His name is synonymous with the sport of triathlon along with his long-running Babbittville podcast, radio, and tv show. In fact, it is Babbitt, more than anyone, who has given voice and image to this crazy event in Hawaii that no one could really wrap their mind around.

He is the heartbeat of multisport/triathlon and, in our sport’s story, is the main character. Nope. He's the hero.

Through his efforts, he has exposed endurance sports to everyone - literally - everyone, as co-founder of Challenged Athletes Foundation, founder of Competitor Magazine, and more.

"When you go from your gut and when you go from your passions, things seem to work out," he says in today's interview. "Sport makes you better at everything you do."

This mantra is the heart of the Performance Reset 2020 - experts and companies sharing their thoughts on the role of sport because, make no mistake, sport is powerful. You might be feeling rudderless. You might be tired of this carnival and the uncertainty. But, we have no doubt you have a performance-driven mindset. You may or may not identify as an athlete, but you can learn and thrive by applying elements of the athletic mindset.

Bob and all of the hosts and experts are here to help you develop your performance toolkit in 2021. Join us and let's keep everyone in the game of life through sport.

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