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Jul 29, 2020

Matt welcomes Purple Patch athlete, Heather Grahame, to discuss her adventurous multisport journey to joy.

Based in Helena MT, Grahame spent 100k miles on a plane last year as lead counsel of a publicly-traded public utility. Now, in 2020, she finds herself grounded (literally and physically) because of our new normal. Instead of going random, Heather doubled-down on her training regime and growth mindset.

Her varied life's journey included financial and emotional instability as a child and teenager, but in conflict, came resolve and a work ethic that led to a stint at Stanford University, and athletic achievements in field hockey, soccer, cycling time trial championships in Alaska, dog sled racing, and, of course, triathlon -- all while traveling extensively for her work and raising two daughters with her husband.

If you are looking to set your path for the rest of 2020, you could do worse than draw from the lessons and perspective of Heather.

She has found joy, direction, purpose and FUN through her training.

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