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Jul 22, 2020

Performance and Mental Coach, Jeff Troesch, returns this week to talk about navigating THE NOW - this era of COVID-19 and the lack of races and our usual structured season.

A mental coach is often forgotten until you face adversity. They’re often viewed as “fixers,” but as this episode shows, continually working on your mental skills is all about performance enhancement and not necessarily fixing something that is broken.

  • What is the best way for you to approach and tackle the challenges that we are faced with now and for the foreseeable future?

  • What are some of the mental exercises that the pros and elites employ? 
  • How can you avoid the “f*ck its" in a time that may be filled with disappointment and apathy?

  • What is the right balance between empathy and pulling yourself up from the bootstraps?

We understand the inclination without races is to fall into random training, but know this: when you fall into a random training structure, your entire life becomes random and rudderless.

Leverage this time to not just emerge stronger, but come out with renewed focus and gratitude.

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