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Feb 26, 2020

Andy Blow, Founder and CEO of Precision Hydration, makes a return visit to the Purple Patch Podcast to discuss sweat testing and practical application with multiple case studies.

Discussion topics include:

  • What exactly is sweat testing and how is it administered with Precision Hydration?

  • What data and information are you looking for when you do a sweat test?

  • What is sweat testing NOT?

  • The different levers of fueling - water, calories and salt - application of these levers in different conditions

  • Practical case studies for the marathon runners, long-course triathlete, and fitness enthusiast

We hope you find this a wonderful source of education and practical lessons in your performance journey across all disciplines.


Also included in this episode:

The Dixon-ary Word of the Week: "The Cool People Know Who the Cool People Are" - Surrounding Yourself with the Experts

Episode Resources and Show Notes:

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