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Feb 19, 2020

If you are one of the many triathletes who struggle with the swim portion of a triathlon, you are likely an adult onset swimmer, the subject for this week's episode.

If you didn’t grow up with the green hair of over chlorination, you will likely never experience true comfort and weightlessness of being in the water, and yet, you must still prepare for the swim portion of your race. It's a source of challenge, frustration, and sometimes fear for many triathletes.

Today, we dive in with a whole episode anchored around the adult onset swimmer.

  • We provide the context and the path for you to maximize the limited time you have to achieve best results.

  • We also join the dots on how a dedicated focus in the swim does more for you as an athlete than just improving swim performance.

  • We describe different types of workouts and the purpose behind these sessions.

  • We dissect the critical mistakes we make and then outline steps to improve.

So, if you are frustrated in swimming or invested in becoming a better athlete, grab your goggles and let's dive in.

Also included in this episode:

The Dixon-ary Word of the Week: The Recovery Coach explains how proper recovery will equip you to do MORE EFFECTIVE work, not less.

Episode Resources and Show Notes:

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