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Feb 12, 2020

Your athletic journey should be one of longterm development and integration into life. Ultimately, a healthy journey will expand your life view, improve your health and energy, and create a sustained sense of ownership and success.

Matt continues the athletic journey discussion with Part 2 and two additional real-life case studies that will, no doubt, resonate globally with most athletes. If you haven't listened to Part 1, you can do so here.  

Athlete one is inspired to do an IRONMAN, but doubts her abilities and the feasible time it may take to properly train and race. She has ambition, but it is caged by intimidation. What will it take to get her to the start line race-ready and confident?

Athlete number two also has big goals, but is stuck in a cycle of injury, confusion, and inconsistency. He's either "all in or all out" and this mindset has led to frustration and diminished results.

Matt walks through the vastly different development and training recipes that were implemented for each, along with "the whys" behind the prescription as well as, "the hows." What were the results? You find out. 

The biggest takeaway message for all? You can't bulldoze your way to performance. It requires much more patience if you seek a performance-driven life across all aspects.


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