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Oct 2, 2018

The IRONMAN World Championships take place on Saturday, October 13th and Matt has dedicated this entire episode to the lore and lure of this 40-year-old magical race on the Big Island. 

Listeners get a glimpse of the race course from his perspective. What makes it so special and, at the same time, so difficult? Why do the best athletes in the world seem to struggle in this unique setting? 

It is, as he says, an event like no other and spectators have the privilege of watching the battle unfold throughout the day. 

During this episode, Matt also divulges:

  • How to avoid the common mistakes that athletes make in their training, the week of the race, and even the day of the event that can impact their performance.
  • Critical components of success and how to approach the race from a performance perspective.
  • Advice and recommendations, especially for first-timers 

It is a magical event and the stakes are high for these privileged athletes who have punched their ticket to the World Championships.

And as Matt advises, "Commit to make it your best training day. Once the gun goes off, whatever the body and situation give you, you have to maximize how well you do with those resources."

Best of luck to all racing at the IRONMAN World Championships. 

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