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Nov 27, 2018

It’s hard to argue with the concept that you will get more out of a project, workout, meeting, or book if you are fully immersed and focused in the endeavor. Being distracted or having your mind elsewhere is hardly a logical path to success and we are all susceptible to becoming distracted, especially with all...

Nov 20, 2018

Take a moment to revisit your childhood. Do you recall spending hours on end riding your bike around the neighborhood, exploring backyards for unknown treasures, splashing in the pool with your friends, or playing in the snow without thought or fear of the cold?

Ahhh…the glory days of childs’ play.

Hopefully, you...

Nov 13, 2018

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  - Isaac Newton

The power of a mentor or coach cannot be overstated and to truly maximize the benefits of a professional coach, you, the athlete, must be a major stakeholder to ensure the relationship is fruitful and beneficial to your...

Nov 6, 2018

Download our Sample Post-Season Workouts

There couldn’t be a more valuable part of the season to make fundamental groundwork changes to who you are as an athlete. 

Purple Patch views the post-season as perhaps THE most important block of training which includes preparation for the heavy lifting ahead, technical and...